Arianna Eiler


I am a narrative designer and game writer with a background in comedic and satirical writing. I have 5 years of writing experience in comedy and a year of experience writing games. I frequently create short interactive fiction pieces, and I currently am a narrative designer for Heart100 Games in Bloomington, Indiana.

Fateful Remedies

Fall 2018- Spring 2020

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Fateful Remedies is a narrative-driven game that places the player in the role of a new apothecary in town. Stuck in the midst of war, they must assist their customers with their struggles by giving them potions. Are you able to help them survive and change their fates?


Image of Indra in Fateful Remedies

Interactive Fiction Projects


January 2019

lola nameplate

Help Lola. Please.

Short twine game focusing on helping one villager by giving potions to her.

Estimated Playtime: 2-5 min

Keeping up with the Gay Agenda

December 2018

The Gay Agenda

You’re a newly un-closeted lesbian, and you’re already being put to work in the Gay Agenda™. Can you keep up with the demands of the Gays and still find time to eat out?

Playtime: Approximately 2 minutes per story line

The Sword

November 2018


Short twine game in which you must act quickly to save your town.

Estimated playtime: 2-5 min


Comedy Writing: Hoosier Flipside Satirical Newspaper